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Villa Monitor

Who's been sleeping in your bed?

This remarkable new system gives you control of who has access to your property - timed down to the minute.

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Villa Watch – keeping an eye on the Algarve  |  Villa Monitor Installation now only €450. Monthly costs €45. Security & peace of mind. Now!

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Villa Watch

Protecting your investment

Owning a home, be it for investment or pleasure is a major commitment. It needs the best possible care to make sure you get optimum value from your rental revenue, and that your valuable asset is looked after as it would be if you were there yourself.

Villa Watch is dedicated to making sure your property gets just that kind of care. From simple security control and CCTV surveillance systems through to the sophisticated Villa Monitor system, Villa Watch can supply, install and maintain security systems to suit every need.

Villa Watch has successfully installed a wide variety of security systems in properties across the region since its launch in the Algarve in 2009, working on behalf of leading property management companies including James Villas and Owners Abroad as well as a variety of individual home owners.

The company also has an extensive background in the UK security market, working with leading blue-chip companies such as KPMG and Barclays on access security and CCTV, and overseeing the installation of major security systems in London venues as diverse as Battersea Power Station, City Hall, the Hilton and Westminster Abbey.

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It's a fantastic feeling having control over your assets from 1700 miles away. The activity reports are great. It's good not to have to worry about keys or how many duplicates have been made.

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