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Villa Monitor

Who's been sleeping in your bed?

Managing your property at a distance has never been so easy. With Villa Monitor, you get to be in control of who has access to your home and when – all timed to the minute. So you know exactly who has been in your home, when they went and if they are fulfilling any contractual obligations, like a monthly inspection from a management company. You know that only YOUR paying guests are staying there and can have no fears about unexpected use, damage of theft.

Key features:

  • Precise control of access for visitors
  • The ability to quickly lock out anti-social holidaymakers
  • Regular, timed access for cleaning and maintenance staff
  • Complete security with unique access codes for each holiday rental
  • Comprehensive reports available for access attempts/successes
  • Reserve & restrict private areas in your holiday home for your own use
  • Greater security for your guests and the personal property they bring with them
  • The flexibility to cope with late arrivals or extended stays

You don’t even need a telephone landline - everything is done via a mobile phone and your computer.

Mobile control

You can now allow or disallow access to your villa from anywhere in the world. You can also get up-to-date, comprehensive access reports simply by installing the Villa Monitor system.

See the How does it work? page for more details.

It's a fantastic feeling having control over your assets from 1700 miles away. The activity reports are great. It's good not to have to worry about keys or how many duplicates have been made.

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