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Villa Monitor

How does it work?

  1. A small Villa Monitor unit is installed in your property with a vandal- resistant card reader, PIN pad or combination of both.

  2. The simple Villa Monitor reporting software application is installed in your computer.

  3. A mobile phone SIM card is registered for your system.

Itís that simple.

Once installed, you can change your entry code simply by sending us an email. You can then opt to receive reports showing all movements into your property, giving you the ability to make sure your hospitality - and your investment - are not being abused.

Access can be controlled by the hour, day, week or month to authorise access to management companies, tenants, holiday guests, cleaners, gardeners and maintenance workers, and is backed by a complete reporting system.

Access can be given to the entire property or specific points such as a gate, a door or individual rooms.

You can even opt for instant alerts the moment that alarms happen.

It's a fantastic feeling having control over your assets from 1700 miles away. The activity reports are great. It's good not to have to worry about keys or how many duplicates have been made.

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