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Entry Systems

Audio panel entry systems

A wide range of designs to choose from:

725 Panel Range

The 725 range of panels provides a competitive solution for projects where a basic door entry system is required without compromising on quality.

The 725 face plate is manufactured from aluminium and has plastic end caps and metal buttons. The nameplates are illuminated with buttons being arranged on one or two rows.

725 panels can be flush or surface-mounted and are available for systems up to 28 buttons.

As an option, button-only panels are also available for up to 36 buttons. These can be used independently or in conjunction with the standard 725 door entry panels.

1145 Sinthesi Panel Range

The 1145 Sinthesi panel range is a ground-breaking product featuring the latest in technological advancements and innovative design.

Manufactured in a high-tech style from anodised aluminium with back lit nameplates using amber LEDs, Sinthesi offers a sophisticated and unmistakable look.

The unique modular design of Sinthesi allows it to be used for almost all applications. The range features keypads and proximity readers to give a complete solution to door entry applications.

The Sinthesi telephonic module can be used on any analogue extension on a PABX. A local 12v supply will be required to operate the lock, for illumination and to energise the relays. There are two relays that can be independently energised, making this an ideal solution for gate automation systems.

1155 K-Steel Panel Range

K-Steel is the result of in-depth research to bring together both design and function with the objective of providing a vandal-resistant entrance panel range that not only looks good, but also provides a combination of flexibility and features.

The result is an IP45 rating and fire resistance properties, reducing the effects of acts of vandalism.

Flexibility is the key to the success of K-Steel, allowing off-the-shelf solutions for today's demanding projects and time constraints.

K-Steel also features keypad, proximity and DDA module to give a complete solution to your door entry requirements.

V-Steel Panel Range

V-Steel Panels are manufactured from 316 grade brushed stainless steel and use stainless steel buttons that are IP54 rated.

The panel fascia uses stainless steel security screws to fix onto a galvanised back box.

Custom panels can be manufactured to incorporate proximity readers or keypads.

Domus Aura Panel Range

For those who prefer classic traditional style and elegance, Domus Aura is a perfect choice.

Manufactured from super mirror-finish stainless steel and brass, Domus Aura sets the benchmark for sophistication.

Brass button and LED backlit brass nameplates characterise the attention to detail.

Artistic Brass Panel Range

The Artistic Brass range of panels are manufactured from 3mm brass and are PVD treated to provide a tarnish-resistant finish.

These panels can also be coated to provide a Bronze or Gun Metal finish.

Artistic brass panels are custom manufactured and hence an element of customisation is possible with the size and layout of the panel. In addition the panel can be specified with audio/video, keypad or proximity reader.

Brass button and LED backlit brass nameplates characterise the attention to detail of this elegant range.

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